Research and Publications 2004

Published Works


Adam, N., Atluri, V., Guo, D., Yu, S. (2004). Challenges in Environmental Data Warehousing and Mining. In H. Kargupta, A. Joshi, K. Sivakumar, and Y. Yesha (Eds.), Data Mining: Next Generation Challenges and Future Directions. Cambridge, MA: MIT/AAAI Press. CIRC QA 76.9.D343 D3835 2004

Artigas, F., Yang, J. (2004). Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Habitat Heterogeneity Between Tide-restricted and Tide-open Areas in New Jersey Meadowlands. Urban Habitats, 2(1) MDOC 2004-037 Article

Bentivegna, C.S., Alfano, J., Bugel, S.M., Czechowicz, K. (2004). Influence of Sediment Characteristics on Heavy Metal Toxicity in an Urban Marsh. Urban Habitats, 2(1) MDOC 2004-036 Article

Schaefer, J.K., Yagi, J., Reinfelder, John R., Cardona, T., Ellickson, K.M., Tell-Or, S., Barkay, T. (2004). Role of the Bacterial Organomercury Lyase (MerB) in Controlling Methylmercury Accumulation in Mercury-Contaminated Natural Waters. Environmental Science & Technology, 38(16), 4304-4311. MDOC 2004-043 Abstracts

Weis, J.S., Weis, P. (2004). Metal Uptake, Transport and Release by Wetland Plants: Implications for Phytoremediation and Restoration. Environment International, 30(5), 685-700. MDOC 2004-030 Abstract

Weis, J.S., Skurnick, J., Weis, P. (2004). Studies of a Contaminated Brackish Marsh in the Hackensack Meadowlands of Northeastern New Jersey: Benthic Communities and Metal Contamination. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 49(11-12), 1025-1035. MDOC 2004-029 Abstract

Windham, L., Weis, J.S., Weis, P. (2004). Metal Dynamics of Plant Litter of Spartina Alterniflora and Phragmites Australis in Metal-Contaminated Salt Marshes. Part 1: Patterns of Decomposition and Metal Uptake. Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry, 23(6), 1520-1528. MDOC 2004-052 Abstract



Ashley, J., Zaoudeh, L., Velinsky, D.J. (August 5, 2004). Polychlorinated Biphenyl and Organochlorine Pesticide Concentrations in Fish and Sediment from the Lower Hackensack River and it’s Tributaries. Draft Report submitted to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute.

Barkay, T., Reinfelder, J. (June 2004). Factors Controlling Mercury Contamination in Berry’s Creek and Downstream Ecosystems. Draft Final Report submitted to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute. MDOC 2004-046 Report

Bentivegna, C.S. (July 7, 2004). Evaluating the Effects of Contamination at Kearny Marsh: Parts I-VII. Final Report submitted to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute. MDOC 2004-047 Report

Czerwinski, C. (December 2004). Health and Reproduction of White Perch Morone americana from the Hackensack Meadowlands, NJ. Final Report submitted to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute. MDOC 2004-025 Report

ENSR International. (March 2004). Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment of Contamination in Wetlands Considered for Restoration in Hackensack Meadowlands District: Final Report. Report   Figures  Tables   Appendix A  Appendix B   Appendix C   Appendix D   Appendix E   Appendix F 

Mansoor, N.M., Slater, L. (June 1, 2004). Assessing and Monitoring Groundwater Contamination from Landfill Leachate in Kearny Marsh Using High-Resolution Geophysics. Grant Activity Report submitted to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute. MDOC 2004-048 Report

Suntornvongsagul, K., Hahn, D. (June 2004). Effect of Heavy Metals on Interactions Between Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) and Spartina patens in a Restored Urban Salt Marsh in the Hackensack Meadowlands. Final Report submitted to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute. MDOC 2004-26 Report

United State Army Corps of Engineers (May 2004). Meadowlands Environmental Site Investigation Compilation (MESIC): Hudson-Raritan Estuary, Hackensack Meadowlands, New Jersey. MDOC 2004-014 Report   Executive Summary  Table of Contents  Section 1   Section 2  Section 3   Section 4

Weis, P. (November 5, 2004). Contaminants in Fish of the Hackensack Meadowlands (1.0). Draft Final Report, part 2 of 4, submitted to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute.

Conference Presentations


Adam, N.R., Atluri, V., Chun, S.A., Paliwal, A., Ceberio, R., Bora, I., Artigas, F., Hobble, C. (October 25-28, 2004). SCIOP: Spatially Integrated Coastal Permitting Assistant: Technology Transfer and Adoption. Seventh Annual Watersheds & Wetlands Workshop. Atlantic City, NJ.

Artigas, F., Elefante D. (November 17-19, 2004). Connecting Communities in the Meadowlands Using Geographical Information Systems. New Jersey State League of Municipalities, 89th Annual Conference. Atlantic City, NJ.

Artigas, F., Hobble, C. (November 1-4, 2004). Water Resources Information System for Watershed Management Area 5 of Northeastern New Jersey. American Water Resources Association’s 2004 Annual Conference. Orlando, FL.

Artigas, F., Lawlor, D. (April 24-28, 2004). Land Use Trends of a New Jersey Post-Industrial Landscape: 1969 to 2002. The American Planning Association’s 2004 National Planning Conference. Washington, DC.

Yang, J., Artigas, F. (March 2004). Vigor Gradients of Phragmites australis in the Meadowlands District. Conference of the Association of American Geographers. Philadelphia, PA.

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