GIS Services

Geographical information systems


MRRI maintains and updates web-based digital maps of the Meadowlands District. The goal of the MRRI Geographical Information System (GIS) is to help the NJSEA staff communicate geographically with District towns, planners, emergency officials, and DPW and support the research activities of MRRI.

Our municipal map application provides cadastral information for the 14 municipalities of the Meadowlands District. Through this application, users can discover parcel block and lot information, easements, addresses, zoning and land use, and property acreage. Users can also identify properties and query properties using the interactive map application.

Our image processing group uses high resolution drone imagery and LiDAR (Radar) data to assess flood risks in the estuary and update MRRI’s flood prediction and alert system. High resolution hyperspectral and multispectral image data are pre and post processed in-house and are used to monitor marsh surface cover, shore line dynamics and erosion.

Water level alert system and flood maps


MRRI provides water level alert system and flood maps to first responders and the public. By subscribing to the alert system, participants receive email and text-based alerts when water levels reach 4.5 feet and continue to be relayed as the levels rise. The flood prediction maps visualize flood hazard risk for each municipality within the Meadowlands District. The inundation prediction is property based and shows anticipated flooding caused by sea surge starting from 4feet through 8 feet.

Drone Program


MRRI’s drone flotilla consist of a DJI 4PRO RTK drone, a DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral drone with RTK unit and a Splash Drone. MRRI’s drone operators are all FAA (Part 107) licensed commercial drone pilots. The program monitors wetland restoration and mitigation projects, shoreline erosion, flood protection structures, illegal dumping and wetland fill violations.

Available Services


Information and Service Requests


Please contact Dr. Ildiko C. Pechmann with further inquiries and spatial data requests at [email protected] or at 201.460.4612. For data processing fees please refer to MRRI’s GIS Fee Schedule.

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