MRRI Co-Hosts Algal Bloom Mitigation Workshop

The NJSEA’s Meadowlands Research and Restoration Institute (MRRI) and the New Jersey Institute of Technology on Oct. 11 hosted a regional workshop to exchange ideas on the best ways to abate harmful algal blooms. The consortium on Algae Bloom Mitigation and Algal Biotechnology for Sustainable New Jersey featured more than a dozen experts, scientists and … Read more

New Jersey Meadowlands Saltmarsh Sparrows: Framework for Recovery

Saltmarsh Sparrow (Ammospiza caudacuta) is an endemic species to the Atlantic Coast of the United States and is widely considered one of the most rapidly declining avian species in the Western Hemisphere. Population estimates over time suggest the species declined by about 87% over 15 years at an alarming rate of 9% per year (Hartley … Read more

Operation Osprey Uplift

In an continuing effort to increase the Meadowlands population of Osprey, a state threatened breeding species, MRRI scientists installed two new nesting platforms along the Hackensack River. This brings the total number of platforms installed under ‘Operation Osprey Uplift’ to seven, with more to come before the Osprey begin to return later this month.   

Water Quality Sampling

In February 2022, MRRI staff and interns completed their winter water quality sampling at 14 monitoring sites in the lower Hackensack River estuary, during which time hundreds of birds were observed on the river. MRRI analyzed temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity and pH in the river. The water samples were brought back to the MRRI … Read more

Water Level Alerts

Water Level alerts originate from a continuous water level sensor network in the Hackensack River. When water levels exceed 4.5 Feet (NAVD88) alerts are broadcasted as E-mails and/or Text messages to subscribers

2018 Dissolved Oxygen Trends

Dissolved oxygen (DO) Levels vary naturally in lakes, estuaries and oceans over different temporal and spatial scales duw to many biological, chemical, and physical processes. In estuaries like The HackensackEstuary, Freshwater..

2019 Municipal Map Application

This version of NJSEA’s Municipal Map encompasses 8 years of data collected about its 14-constituent towns, including historical to present geographic information..

MRRI awarded EPA Information Exchange Network Grant

FY2017 National Environmental Information Exchange Network Grant Program This project will utilize EPA’s current continuous water monitoring exchange framework (WaterML 2.0 and SensorML formats) to share continuous water quality data and its associated metadata. The project will encode continuous air quality sensor data based on the same procedures and framework established for continuous water quality … Read more

East Coast Greenway Project Mission

MRRI collected orthoimagery and video footage to promote the East Coast Greenway project’s mission. The Greenway project sets out to bring to life the Jersey City and Hudson County Master Plans’ call for the development of an off-road route for the East Coast Greenway Maine-to-Florida trail. Developing the Harsimus Branch will significantly advance that route … Read more

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