Tracking Legacy Contaminant Movement Between River Sediments and the Marsh Platform

The Environmental Protection Agency is relying on MRRI and a two-year grant to determine how contaminants move between the marshes and main stem of the river at selected microbasins in the lower Hackensack River. The study aims to understand the direction and amount of sediment movement under typical tidal conditions. At each drainage point, suspended … Read more

Four BCA Seniors Complete the 2024 Senior Experience Internship at MRRI

On May 29th, four seniors from Bergen County Academies (BCA) – Miriam Inba, Arda Sensoz, Julianna Nunez, and Shlok Jhaveri – concluded their 2024 Senior Experience Internship at MRRI. Throughout the school year, these interns joined the professional staff at MRRI every Wednesday, gaining hands-on experience in GIS mapping techniques, laboratory procedures, and field safety. … Read more

Blue Carbon National Working Group Meeting, Washington DC, May 21-22, 2024

This past week MRRI scientists joined Restore America’s Estuaries’ Blue Carbon Working Group in Washington DC to discuss current legislation and restoration initiatives aimed to preserve and enhance blue carbon repositories of the coastal US.  On the first day keynote speakers from EPA, NOAA, USGS, SERC, The Nature Conservancy, Maryland Department of the Environment, and … Read more

MRRI Takes Home First Prize at NJDEP Mapping Contest

MRRI Senior GIS Specialist, Brian Wlodawski received first prize at the NJDEP 36th Annual Map Contest for the Reference Map category. His winning entry, utilizing FEMA’s flood map, effectively highlighted flood risk areas in the Meadowlands district while emphasizing community vulnerabilities and land use complexities. There were 39 maps submitted and nearly 150 attendees.

Environmental Science Students Visit the Meadowlands

Students enrolled in an environmental science class at Rutgers University Newark, led by Professor Adam Kuska, visited the Meadowlands to explore environmental monitoring of water quality in the lower Hackensack River. The students analyzed measurements of dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, salinity, and temperature during their visit. These hands-on experiences allow environmental science students to apply … Read more

MRRI Installs New Tide Gate

MRRI is now monitoring 9 different tide gates in the Meadowlands district. The newest tide gate station was deployed March 18th between the NJSEA impoundment and Saw Mill Creek, which is a tributary of the Hackensack River. Each of the tide gates measure the water depth on both the land and riversides to make sure the … Read more

MRRI Presents “Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Tidal Wetlands in the Meadowlands of New Jersey” at 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting

At the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting (February 18-23, 2024), Cheryl Yao, Meadowlands Research and Restoration Institute (MRRI) Chief Chemist/Laboratory Supervisor, presented MRRI’s research, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Tidal Wetlands in the Meadowlands of New Jersey: Effects of wetland surface types, salinity, and season.” This study is supported by US EPA Wetland Grant and investigated … Read more

MRRI Senior Experience Interns Excel!

Eliana Mendoza weighs evaporated water samples from the Hackensack River in the MRRI Laboratory One of the many great programs at the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority is the Meadowlands Research and Restoration Institute (MRRI) Senior Experience. Each year high school seniors enrolled in the Bergen County Academies spend one day a week working … Read more

A New Tool for Wildlife Research

The Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog is a recently discovered frog species found in freshwater ecosystems throughout the northeastern United States, and is the only amphibian species known to occur in the Meadowlands. In general, because Atlantic Coast Leopard Frogs are difficult to find and typically most active at night, they are difficult to study. As … Read more

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