Water Quality Data Sharing with WDX

The 2023 water quality data collected in the Meadowlands Lower Hackensack Estuary has been checked with QA/QC procedures and shared with US EPA through national Water Quality Exchange (WQX). The Meadowlands Research & Restoration Institute (MRRI) has been sharing water quality data collected within the District since 2016. The water quality monitoring project was established to provide a general assessment of overall water quality in the Meadowlands estuary due to the legacy of contamination from landfills located within the District. The monitoring efforts also identify any large-scale, long-term trends in water quality, and detect any acute water quality problems.
The water quality monitoring data shared with WQX could be retrieved by the public through the EPA Water Quality Portal (WQP). The Water Quality Portal is the nation’s largest source for water quality monitoring data. WQP uses the WQX data format to share over 380 million water quality data records from 900 federal, state, tribal and other partners.
Screenshot of the Water Quality Portal
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