“Water level observations during super storm Sandy”

The Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MRRI), the science branch of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC), released a study on Hurricane Sandy, concluding no specific break was to blame for the historic flooding experienced by local towns, but rather the sheer size of the unprecedented storm surge caused the area to become inundated with water. Dr. Francisco Artigas of MRRI explained the agency was in a unique position to study the surge, as a few of the water level sensors installed around the Hackensack River in 2004 survived the storm. The commission’s River Barge Park Marina, located in Carlstadt, and the Moonachie tide gate on the river near Turnpike Exit 18W collected data as the waters rose on Oct. 29.

A berm in Carlstadt as it was being built long before Hurricane Sandy.

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