Integrating Building Floorplans & Emergency Size-up and Pre-plans into ERIS

As part of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission GIS Outreach program, the MRRI-GIS department will be presenting the next phase of its Emergency Response Information System (ERIS) – a webMapping application that has been used by member municipalities in the Hackensack Meadowlands District since 2007. This presentation will highlight the new tools that will enhance the program’s capabilities. Along these lines, ERIS users will be able to visualize building floorplans that can provide more information, and in the matters of emergency management – could mean the difference between life and death. Other components will address emergency guidelines in the form of size-up and pre-plan forms. A standard guideline that fire departments and/or emergency managers can ascertain when faced with emergency situations, or events that may compromise public safety. These components will be available to the municipalities mid-summer.

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