Water Level Alerts



Water level alerts originate from a continuous water level sensor network in the Hackensack River. When water levels exceed 4.5 Feet (NAVD88) alerts are broadcasted as E-mails and/or Text messages to subscribers and new elevations are broadcasted until the waters receed. Past experiences show that serious flooding in the NJMC District occurs when water levels reach 7 feet.

By clicking the links below access detailed flood maps for Meadowlands Municipalities. Select a town and match the water elevation alert in feet to find the areas in the town that may flood at this elevation. Water elevations are reported at 1ft intervals. To Subscribe click the options below.

MRRI Flood Prediction Maps




The information contained on this site is the best available according to measurements from the continuous water elevation monitoring network in the lower Hackensack River. The site provides information related to tidal events only and does not include fluvial event information. The associated maps use topographic elevation data gathered as part of a 2009 mapping flight, and show areas predicted to flood at certain water elevations. These maps are for illustration purposes only. MRRI does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information provided on this site. Please contact town, county, or State officials for complete information regarding emergency management including potential flooding and storms.

Current water level for the lower Hackensack River estuary

Below sea level
Alerts are sent for any reading 4.5 feet or higher
Last Time Recorded: 22-04-25 02:00:00 Hours
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