Research and Publications 2024



Ying Yao, Francisco Artigas, Joe Grzyb, 2024. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Tidal Wetlands in the Meadowlands of New Jersey: Effects of wetland surface types, salinity, and season. 2024 Ocean Science Meeting (Poster), New Orleans, Louisiana, February 18-23, 2024.

Evert J. Elzinga, Ying Yao, Francisco Artigas, Bojeong Kim, Khondaker M.N. Alam and Joe Grzyb, 2024. Soil mineral transformations in estuarine wetlands: Field-based observations. 2024 Goldschmidt Meeting in section of Observing and modeling biogeochemistry in rapidly changing terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (Oral), Chicago, August 18-23, 2024.

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