Research and Publications 2022

Published Works


Yao, Y., Artigas, F.J., Fan, S. et al. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Air Quality in Metropolitan New Jersey. Water Air Soil Pollut 233, 289 (2022). Article

Ying Yao, Francisco J. Artigas, Evert Elzinga. Effects of Climate Change on Redistribution of Trace Metals in Tidal Wetland. AGU 2022 Fall meeting, December 12-16, 2021. Poster

Pechmann, Ildiko; Yao, Cheryl; Grzyb, Joseph; Artigas, Francisco. 2022. Gas emission baselines and carbon sink strength from three wetland surface types in the Meadowlands of New Jersey. EPA Wetland Development Grant Region II. Final Report.

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