Research and Publications 2020

Published Works


Yeates, A. G.; Grace, J. B.; Olker, J. H.; Guntenspergen, G. R; Cahoon, D. R.; Adamowicz, S.; Anisfeld, S. C.; Barrett, N.; Benzecry, A.; Blum, L.; Christian, R. R.; Grzyb, J.; Kracauer Hartig, E.; Hines Leo, K.; Lerberg, S.; Lynch, J. C.; Maher, N.; Megonigal, J. P.; Reay, W.; Siok, D.; Starke, A.; Turner, V.; Warren, S. Hurricane Sandy Effects on Coastal Marsh Elevation Change. Link

Artigas, F.J.; Yao, Y.; Grzyb, J.; Levinsky, Y. Metal contamination pathways of a restored marshland in an industrial estuary. Link

Conference Presentations


Richard Holowczak, Ildiko C. Pechmann, Francisco Artigas, 2020. Communicating Real Time Air & Water Monitoring Data to the Public: Establishment of electronic data flows to EPA’s Exchange Network collected in the Hackensack River Estuary of New Jersey. Virtual Exchange Network Regions 2 and 3 Stakeholders Meeting, December 8-9, 2020

Ying Yao, Francisco J. Artigas, Songyun Fan, Yuan Gao, 2020. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Air Quality in Metropolitan New Jersey. AGU 2020 Fall Meeting, COVID-19 and Earth and Space Science, December 1-17, 2020. Accepted by the Earth and Space Science Open Archive (ESSOAr). Abstract

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